The Distributed Version Control (DVCS) for Big Software: If you are building large-scale software, are involved in a project that is critical to your company, have to handle huge files or need to run complex merges, then Plastic SCM can help you keep things under control.

Enabling Accelerated Development

We enable enterprises to collaborate, simplify and streamline processes, which improves productivity and cost-efficiency. Customers benefit from our experience and the consulting value we provide locally and with our experience with developing solutions using the tools we support. Our strong alliances with key technology partners such as Polarion Software and Plastic SCM will help us in implementing turn key solutions customized to your needs.


> Best Distributed Version Control.
> Fully distributed or centralized repositories
> Branching and merging made very simple.
> Powerful GUI or straight command line.
>Reliable & scalable repository storage with the RDBMS of your choice.

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